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#MomBod Offers #DadBod a Dose of Reality

Oh, puh-lease. Now that #dadbod is a thing, I just may have to quit the Internet.

Not "fat" but not exactly "fit": Apparently that's what women want in men these days, or so claims the following video. Think Jon Hamm as Don Draper in "Mad Men." (OK. He's pretty good-looking, I'll give you that.)

But the #dadbod has a challenger, and it's #mombod. Just like you men, women don't need washboard abs and butts the size of thimbles to be considered fit and sexy. Oh and by the way, we're also the ones bearing children.

More and more women are choosing to combat the "woe is me" #dadbod trend with the real trials and tribulations that a woman's body endures from motherhood. You hear that, dads? You're just outta your league on this one. Where is the acceptance of a women's body being less-than-fit? Well, now it's here with the hashtag #mombod.

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If you're wondering why some women prefer their men to be a little out of shape, it's because it's less intimidating, better for cuddling and he's pretty much guaranteed to have a fridge full of tasty food—or so the video claims. So I guess the takeaway is that women who are with these #dadbod guys are less self-conscious about their own bodies.

But still, this acceptance of men who are not at their most fit should go hand-in-hand with women, yet the latter continue to be scrutinized with images of Photoshopped celebrities dancing around in their heads. It's time for #mombod to be the real image of beauty.

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Image via AOLonVideo

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