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What Would a Stay-at-Home Mom Earn?

Photograph by Twenty20

Every day, moms are doing more work than we can imagine, and many are doing it at home as the primary kids' caregiver, earning zero dollars for the time and effort that goes into rearing children.

So how much is what mom does at home worth?

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The all-purpose insurance site Insure.com creates an annual Mother's Day Index in which researchers round up all the different tasks handled regularly by moms, and then multiply the number of hours mothers dedicate to each chore by the going rate per the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the corresponding occupation—childcare worker.

And what did researchers find in 2016? Turns out, the typical stay-at-home mom spends 40 hours (or more) a week, 52 weeks a year, taking care of her kids. The mean hourly wage for such a job (childcare worker) is $10.75 (compared to $11.10 in 2015, a 3.2 percent decrease), which adds up to $22,360 annually. Other mom tasks listed include serving as a chauffeur, cook, nurse, homework helper, accountant and more. When all the numbers are added up, the total comes to $65,522.65, according to insure.com's calculations.

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Another interesting task attributed to mothers is that of private investigator. You know, because moms always need to know what their kids are up to.

Still, we all know there is no dollar amount we can put on a mom's duties. If we could, we'd pay them at least double what the going rate for a childcare worker is simply because moms are invaluable.

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