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Blind Pregnant Woman Gets the Surprise of Her Life

While we may all bemoan how technology will eventually be the downfall of us all, sometimes it actually does some really amazing things. Tatiana Guerra, 30, is pregnant with her first child, and she's blind. Unable to see since she was 17, Tatiana is given, in the third trimester of her pregnancy, an amazing gift at a doctor's appointment.

The doctor asks, "If you could touch him, would that let you know what he's like?" To which Tatiana replies, "Yes."That's when the doctor hands the mom-to-be her latest ultrasound printed out on a 3-D printer. As the expecting mother touches her son's facial features, she is overcome with emotion—as are we, watching her.

The video, produced as part of a Huggies campaign, is a moving testament to the miracle of pregnancy, and the heartfelt line at the end of the video sums it up: "Every mom deserves to embrace each moment."

See for yourself (and keep those tissues nearby!):

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