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Tina Fey Undresses for David Letterman

Hats — and Spanx! — off to Tina Fey for giving David Letterman arguably his best send-off ever.

The funny lady and "30 Rock" star appeared on the "Late Show" last night to chat with Letterman and congratulate him on his upcoming retirement in bold and, of course, hilarious fashion.

After remarking on how great Fey looked in her blue and black dress, Letterman seemed surprised when things took a different turn.

"This is like something Kate Middleton would show up in," Letterman told Fey about her dress.

"And this is it," Fey said. "What am I going to do, put a dress on for ["Tonight Show" host] Jimmy [Fallon]? That's creepy. He's like my brother. I'm gonna wear special underwear for ["Late Late Show" host] James Corden? That's not gonna happen," she said.

Taking funny to the next sartorial level, Fey asked Letterman to unzip her dress so she could give him her #LastDressEver.

Fey then literally pulled off her dress to reveal Spanx shapewear and a black leotard that read "Bye Dave!" on the front and "#LastDressEver" on the back.

"This is what I do for you!" Fey laughed as she modeled her entire (mom-friendly) undergarment ensemble.

"Well, this is pretty good," Letterman said into her ear.

And we couldn't agree more!

Image via YouTube

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