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Are High Heels for Babies the New Must-Have Accessory?

When should your daughter receive her first pair of high heels? According to Pee Wee Pumps, the answer is as soon as she makes her debut outside of the womb.

Breast or bottle? Vaccinate or not? Life's important choices for new moms just became a little trickier as Pee Wee Pumps offers stylish faux-high heels for infants, so your baby does not have to wait until she can speak to make a fashion statement.

The soft-soled infant crib shoe created by Michele Holbrook, is designed for wear in the crib and the faux-high heels are collapsible so they will not cause damage to the infant's foot.

Holbrook first fell in love with the concept of the infant crib shoe in 2009 and wished that she would have a daughter one day so that she could buy a pair for her. Three years later, her wish came true but when she searched for the shoes, they were nowhere to be found. She set out to fulfill her wish by creating the infant shoe of her dreams which led to Pee Wee Pumps. The shoes are priced at $35.99 a pair and can be purchased online and in retail stores in more than a dozen states including California, Nebraska and Texas.

Of course her efforts have been met with mixed reviews. Amazon reviewers have described the shoes as grotesque, appalling and ridiculous while some reviewers appreciate the novelty and fun the shoes add to their lives.

If you saw a one month old sporting a pair of leopard-print high heels that match her dress, what would be your first reaction? Would you smile, frown or laugh?

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