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Mom Apologizes for Wrongly Shaming Man on Social Media

An Australian woman panicked when she thought she spotted a stranger taking a photo of her children while she was shopping at Target. She quickly snapped a photo of him, alerted the police and posted the photo on Facebook, describing him as a "creep" and warning other parents to beware.

Turns out, though, it was a mistake.

The post was shared thousands of times, and one of the viewers alerted the man in question, who defended himself by sharing that he was simply taking a selfie in front of a "Star Wars" display to send to his own children.

A day later, the accuser, who asked to remain anonymous, offered a tearful apology to the Knox Leader newspaper in Melbourne, Australia, explaining, "I just need to say sorry ... for not letting (the police) do their job, and putting my concerns on social media," she told the local paper. "My children are going through an enormous amount of pain (because of this), and I hate to think what (the man) and his family are going through."

The man immediately went to the police department and explained that he was taking a selfie in front of a display of Darth Vader for his teenage and adult children, who are huge fans of the "Star Wars" series. The police checked his phone and allowed him to leave.

He spoke with the Daily Mail Australia, under the condition of anonymity and said, "I was just flabbergasted at this stage that my photo is on Facebook with an allegation I've been speaking to children and taking children's photos,"

He reports that due to death threats he is considering legal action against the woman.

"One thousand times over I wish I could just take it back," the woman told the Knox Leader. "I think the biggest lesson out of it all is not to post anything that could hurt anybody on any media."

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Image via Facebook

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