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Jessica Alba Offers Her Take on Millennial Parents

Jessica Alba recently celebrated the one-year partnership between The Honest Co., which she co-founded, and Target, and had a few words to share about Millennial parents and her goals for the rest of the year.

The actress and mom of two offered up her take on how today's parents are different from earlier generations of new moms.

"Parents now, they don't necessarily only rely on their parents' advice," Alba tells PopSugar about millennial parents. "I feel like the new village to raise your child is really online. And people go online to figure out what is the best of anything that they're looking to buy."

Alba, who launched The Honest Co. with Christopher Gavigan in 2012, also reveals the item that's most important to her as a businessperson.

"My phone," she says. "Having a great device that's reliable. It's my walking office; it's the way I communicate with my family. I really rely heavily on that."

And speaking of family, Alba says she involves her daughters, 6-year-old Honor and 3-year-old Haven, in her work, asking for their opinion about products such as diapers.

"Most of our diaper designs, I use my kids as the first initial filter of what's good and what's not. They have strong opinions on what they like and what they don't like," she says.

The 34-year-old mom also said that new verticals are in the works at The Honest Co., including feminine care, which is launching in the summer, and beauty, which will hit stores in the fall.

"The look and feel is very relevant to the customer," she adds. "It's not going to look like our dish soap or laundry detergent."

Image via Instagram

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