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Yes, McDonald's Now Has Kale

Say goodbye to your favorite brunch spot's egg-white omelette and say hello to … McDonald's?!

Last week, McDonalds added their healthiest ingredient yet to their menu: kale. Although it will only be served in nine of their spots worldwide, a kale, egg white and turkey sausage bowl has been a huge hit for foodies and has definitely caused increased traffic.

A reporter from TakePart told that after surrendering to the craze and trying Mickey D's newest health item, she "wouldn't hesitate to order it again." With only 240 calories, 26 grams of protein and 6 grams of carbs, this fast-food chain might not be the worst option, after all.

Tasters have been raving about the "real" ingredients used in these breakfast bowls—including real Parmesan cheese. One of the healthiest parts about McDonald's kale bowl is the shift to using non-artificial, unprocessed ingredients.

In the past few years, many food trends have shifted towards dishes with healthy ingredients and convenience; think: pressed juices, chopped salads, açai bowls. Are fast food chains finally hopping on the health food bandwagon now? With McDonald's huge success with kale-based breakfast bowls in just one week, we're excited to see if kale can successfully transform fast-food chains.

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