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Scott Foley Shares Secrets of the 'Scandal' Finale

Photograph by Gino Depinto, Aol

If you are a "Scandal" fan, you know it's been an intense season. Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) was kidnapped by a power-hungry vice president and sold to Iran; her super-hot spy ex Jake was nearly stabbed to death (by her new, super-hot spy boyfriend Russell); and dad Roman (the evil overlord of B613) isn't going down without taking a few of the Gladiators with him. With the season finale just hours away (May 14 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC), we are wondering what new catastrophe show creator Shonda Rhimes has in store for Olivia and crew.

Mom.me sat down with Scott Foley (aka Capt. Jake Ballard) in New York City to get the scoop. In town to promote Canine Companions for Independence, a program that provides highly trained assistance dogs for people with disabilities, he cleared up the rumors floating around the Internet. Among them: Three (yes, three!) cast members will be killed off tonight. It sounds inconceivable, but after Doc McDreamy's shocking exit from "Grey's Anatomy" a couple weeks ago, we know that Rhimes isn't averse to offing beloved characters.

"Shonda will kill a character in a heartbeat," he confessed to mom.me during an interview for the AOL BUILD speaker series. "But I don't think that's true. I don't remember there being three people dead unless she went in and did something to the script. … Oh God, maybe!"

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Foley admits his own character's near-death experience on the show was a total surprise. "Recently [Jake] was stabbed and left for dead," he recalls. "At first I wasn't worried because we had a table read and it said, 'Jake gets stabbed.' I thought, 'You can come back from being stabbed.'" He didn't panic until Rhimes rewrote the tail end of the scene and they reshot it. "The actor playing Russell just kept stabbing me, and I thought, 'Someone is going to come in and tell him to stop, and no one said anything.' I guess Shonda loved it. I sent her an email asking if we need to talk. There were like eight stab wounds. It was vicious. But she calmed my nerves and said that there was nothing to worry about for now."

Still, Foley warns we should expect major changes for the show. "I can tell you there are a lot of conventions and roles that you are used to a lot of people playing, and this season finale is going to change that in a lot of ways," he says. "It will open the door for a really interesting cliffhanger."

There is one major question fans hope will be answered tonight: Will Olivia finally choose who she wants to be with? For Foley, the answer is simple. "Fitz is a married man—he is a politician, and has been cheating on his wife with her. You know if you get with someone who cheats on their spouse with you, they are going to cheat on you," he argues. "Look, Jake is single, he is in love with her, he wants to take her to an island and live in the sun. Is there really a choice?"

We have to agree. Team Jake all the way!

What do you think will happen on the "Scandal" season finale?

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