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Mother Lip-Synchs Daughter's Tantrum

Ah, the tantrums of children. How they hope to get their way, and how we pray that they shut the heck up. Each flip-out sounds pretty much the same, especially coming from 4-year-old Dani Aprea. When she decided that her mother was going to get an earful of fuss, mom was ready with her smartphone video rolling, as Yahoo News reports.

Amid screams of "NO, NOPE, NOPE, NO, NOOOOOOOOOO," mother Jennifer Aprea hit the record button. With her daughter refusing to brush her teeth, Jennifer is on-point when lip-synching each complaint, even when her daughter warns, "You'll pay for this."

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The video already has nearly 500,000 hits on YouTube after being up for just a few days.

"I got lucky with the timing," Jennifer Aprea told ABC News. "It was a night when we were both tired and sleep deprived, I told her to brush her teeth and she was yelling about a scratch that wasn't even there."

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Image via YouTube/SprayPal

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