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New Warning for Kids and E-Cigarettes

There's a new danger for children, now that e-cigarettes have gained popularity. The refills apparently smell good enough to eat—if you're a little kid, at least.

"These are tobacco-related products and the nicotine is there," said Dr. Joseph O'Neil, a developmental pediatrician with Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, where the local poison control has seen a three-fold increase in the number of kids ingesting the nicotine refill bottles.

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"It is a potentially lethal substance and we have to be aware of that," O'Neil continues. "If parents are vaporing or using electronic cigarettes, they need to make sure that they keep the nicotine refill bottles out of the reach of children."

So if you have children under the age of six, be sure to keep your e-cigarette refills out of reach because more and more kids are ingesting them based on their flavors and aromas.

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Image via Twenty20/elektroseb

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