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Is Your Baby the Jennifer of Her Generation?

And now, for Friday's office time-waster! The Social Security Administration put out a fun little app that lets you know what your mom would have named you had you been born in 2014. Or in the 2000s. Or even the 1890s! Yesteryear's Jennifers and Amys are today's Sophias, Isabellas and Evas. All those Michaels and Jasons we grew up with? Those are today's Noahs and Liams.

At least one in every classroom, right?

The app, embedded in this Time magazine piece, spits out names through the ages based on your names ranking the year you were born and whether it belongs to a male or female. It's a rather fun app for a governmental agency associated with long lines, lost cards and a whole lot of sadness. Who knows why such a busy place even bothers with this kind of thing but, as any parent from the past 20 years will tell you, the SSA's name rankings have been a great check-and-balance for the figuring out what to name a baby.

Even its rudimentary top 1000 baby names for a particular year have helped countless couples find the right name to brand, uuuh, bestow upon their progeny. Not too popular, not too out there, oh so out there!—right in the middle of the top 10 pack.

With this app, parents can get a kind of shorthand translation for the life their child will experience—at least in terms of class rosters and the ability to find a truck stop snow globe with their names on it.

Image via SSA and Twenty20/JustJudy24

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