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Canadian Baby Delivery That Couldn't Wait

As if having a baby isn't stressful enough, imagine your birth plan getting all out of whack when your newborn decides the time is right while headed to the hospital in an ambulance! That was the reality for Casey Bradley, who is thanking the Ottawa paramedics who delivered her daughter at the side of the road en route to a medical facility, as reported by CBC News.

"I honestly would think that these guys worked in a hospital and delivered babies every day," Bradley told CBC News. "They never got anxious or agitated about anything. It was completely calm."

It all started when Bradley went into labor so quickly, she and her husband didn't think they would make it to the hospital on time. They called an ambulance to take them, but that plan wasn't in the books, either.

The paramedics team included Frédéric Pinsonneault and Andy Ramonal, superintendent Darrell Drew and a student-in-training, Nicolas Roy. It was actually the student-in-training who caught the baby girl, who weighed 7 pounds and 15 ounces.

"You think he'd been on the job for 20 years because he at no point showed any nervousness or signs that he wasn't sure of what he was doing," Bradley said of Roy. "He was just completely cool, calm and collected the whole time."

It was an amazing experience not just for the parents, but the paramedics as well.

"It was a great moment. Mom and Dad were both anxiously awaiting to see the sex of the baby when they realized delivery was imminent, and lo and behold it was a baby girl. And they were elated. It was exactly what they were hoping for," superintendent Drew said.

"It's a bit unreal, actually," paramedic Pinsonneault said. "You witness the first breath of someone. It's great."

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Image via CBC News and the Bradley Family

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