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Parents Called 'Selfish' for Having Child With Disease

The top concern of just about every parent to be is having a healthy baby. It's the reason prenatal care is considered so critical during pregnancy. Many variables are carefully monitored, including a mother's blood pressure and periodic checks to make sure a baby is growing at the right rate. And if the mother is over a certain age, tests are recommended to determine whether her baby has chromosomal abnormalities. So, all these factors in mind, the decision of Simon and Vicky Moore to have a child that had a 50% chance of having Treacher Collins syndrome has caused a quite a controversy.

The symptoms are devastating. It's a genetic condition that comes from the mutation of certain genes and causes facial bones and other areas to be underdeveloped. There is also a chance of hearing loss and breathing difficulties. Simon (who has the disease) and Vicky were well aware of the risks when they decided to start a family using IVF. There was genetic screening available to find out the chances of it being passed on to their child, but it was too expensive and they went ahead with the pregnancy anyway. When their daughter Alice was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, many in their community called them selfish and cruel.

Though their daughter will face medical difficulties in the years to come, the parents do not hold an ounce of regret. They've even gone on TV to defend their decision. "Why would we be any different? Alice won't need bone construction or have breathing problems," Vicky told the host of the UK's This Morning. Just like other new parents, they are completely head-over-heels with their baby girl. They simply ask that those who are so hateful and critical towards them "broaden their minds — we're not hurting you." Simon added that his little girl will have exactly what he had growing up — "fantastic parents" who love her deeply. A loving family is certainly something every child needs and deserves, and no one would argue with that.

Do you think this couple's decision to have a child was selfish?

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