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Yes, There's a Hoodie For Your Cat to Snuggle In

You know the saying "it's so cute I just want to put it in my pocket"? Well, now you can. Particularly if you were referring to your cat.

Recently, a Japanese pet supply company introduced their newest product: the Mewgaroo hoodie. What is it? A casual, everyday hoodie with a large pouch/pocket on the front for our snuggly cats or tiny dogs. Basically, we're going to look like kangaroos!

We all know what it's like to be cuddling up with our cat in bed, but now we can see what it feels like to have our cat cuddled up in the pocket of our sweatshirt.

The best part about this hoodie? Say goodbye to cat hair all over your clothes! This wedge-shaped pouch has a washable liner to prevent cat hair shedding all over your favorite couch, blanket or T-shirt. No more need for lint rollers on every table in your home.

Aside from being able to snuggle our pets wherever and whenever, the Mewgaroo hoodie also has a super cute design. There are cat ears on top of the hood and paw prints on the palms. It really doesn't get much cuter!

Apparently blanket-sweatshirt combos are becoming a trend. A few years ago it was the Snuggie, and now it's the Mewgaroo Hoodie. What's next?

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