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NBA Player Stephen Curry's Toddler Steals the Show

Warriors' MVP Steph Curry may have dropped 34 points to lead his team to victory during Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals against the Rockets, but to one adorable toddler, he's still just dad. During his post-game press conference, Curry brought 2-year-old daughter Riley up on stage with him, and what proceeded to unfold in front of the entire sports world was parenting hilarity at its finest.

First Riley rushed up the stage with her famous dad and when he asked her to just "stand right there" she whined the whine that all parents know too well: "I want to sit on your lap!" Guess who won that battle?

It was also clearly past little Riley's bedtime as she kept yawning throughout Curry's responses to the press, even admonishing her dad, "You're too loud Daddy! Be quiet!" The tot then got bored—as toddlers are wont to do—and starts waving like a beauty queen at random people in the audience. The hilariousness culminates when Riley decides she's done with this and starts to crawl under the table.

The moral of the story? Toddlers are toddlers, no matter who their parents are!

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Image via YouTube

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