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Young Dad With Alzheimer's Hopes to Take Toddlers to Disney World to Make Memories

Photograph by Twenty20

Daniel Bradbury knows that when people think of Alzheimer's, they don't often imagine someone like him. He's only 30 years old, ,dad to 18-month-old twins and an avid drummer. The young family hopes that his story can help spread awareness of early-onset Alzheimer's, which affects people younger than age 65.

Bradbury inherited the rare PSEN1 type of Alzheimer's from his father, who died from the disease in 1999 at age 36. When Alzheimer's is caused by deterministic genes, family members in multiple generations are affected. The twins have a 50 percent chance of being diagnosed later in life.

It has been difficult for Bradbury and his loved ones to come to terms with his difficult diagnosis, which was given last September. The dad from England has had the devastating condition for about a year before it was diagnosed, and he currently suffers from memory problems and confusion, as well as mobility and coordination difficulties.

"I'm not going to get better, I'm just going to get worse, which is a hard thing to think about," he tells BBC. "Things are going to get tougher."

Photograph by Facebook

Bradbury and his partner, Jordan Evans, hope to make as many lasting memories as possible for his toddlers, Jasper and Lola, before he reaches the late stages of the disease. That's why they set up a Just Giving fundraiser page, with hopes that they can tick some major experiences off their bucket list.

At the top of the list is Disney World in Florida. The family hopes to take a lot of videos and photos together there.

"Due to the nature of my condition I am unable to work and provide for my family. I now rely heavily on my family, friends and partner to support me and our little family. As you can imagine, this has been a bitter pill to swallow. I have worked since I was 15 years old, so to go from full time to nothing has been emotionally challenging," Bradbury wrote on Just Giving. "I don’t have a lot to leave my family when I'm no longer around; but what I do hope is that we all enjoy the time I have left."

It took about three days for the family to hit their £10,000 goal (about $13,700), and now, a week later, the current total has surpassed the goal by more than $8,200. The couple has been amazed at the response and grateful for the outpouring of love they've received worldwide.

Photograph by Facebook

Other activities on Bradbury's bucket list include skydiving and seeing some of his favorite musicians, like Kodaline and Ed Sheeran. Any extra money raised beyond the target amount will go into a trust fund for the twins.

But, there are some things on the dad's bucket list that money just can't buy.

"He wants to see the twins’ first day at school, but we just don’t know if he will see that milestone," 29-year-old Evans told Nottingham Post.

The family is looking to arrange their big trip soon. This includes ensuring they will have some support on the trip, whether that's a grandparent or a relative. Because of Daniel's circumstances, and because Evans will have her hands full with the twins, the extra pair of hands will be a huge help in making their dream trip a reality.

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