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Mom Shames 13-Year-Old Daughter for Lying on Facebook

When Denver mom Val Starks, 31, found out that her 13-year-old daughter was posing as a 19-year-old on Facebook, befriending and messaging adult men, she decided to record a special video announcement for all of her daughter's Facebook friends.

"Are you a freak? Do you know anything about being a freak? You need to speak up so people can hear you," Starks asks her daughter in a video that she uploaded to Facebook which has since been viewed more than 12 million times.

In the video daughter is visibly upset and crying as Starks confronts her outside their home.

"Don't cry now. You weren't crying when you were posting pictures on Facebook … in a bra or some little girl in some lace panties you know you don't own," she said. "You still wear panties that say 'Monday,' 'Tuesday' and 'Wednesday.' But you go on Facebook and find a picture that says you're a freak and you're wearing panties that's lace and all that. That's what 13-year-olds do, right? You still have a bed time."

"She's a kid, she's going to stay a kid and as long as she is under my roof, she is going to do what I say," Starks says to the camera.

The viral video has been heralded by many who appreciate Stark's brand of tough love.

"I'm 31 years old with a 13-year-old daughter that I refuse to lose in these streets," she said in a follow-up video, responding to the attention she has received. "The streets won't raise her, the schools won't raise her, the system won't raise her. I will raise her, if it kills me."

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