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Let’s All Take a Moment to Appreciate This Family Photo Fail

Photograph by Twenty20

We’ve all seen (and even taken part) in some incredibly awkward family photos, but one family’s recent photo shoot just takes the cake. And, from the looks of it, they probably had some rubbed on their faces, too.

When Dave and Pam Zaring hired a self-proclaimed professional photographer for a family photo shoot, the last thing they expected was a final set of images that made them look like pale, creepy cartoon versions of themselves.

For $200 to $250 a shoot, five members of the St. Louis, Missouri, family and their two dogs gave their biggest smiles for the photographer on what Pam Zaring called a “beautiful, clear, sunny day.” The Zarings waited to see the pictures for so long that they just wanted some sort of update.

"I passed my furious mark months ago, when she wouldn't send us anything," Pam told ABC11, referring to the photographer. "I was fully prepared to be scammed, money gone and no final product! So, the humor was much easier to find. Trust me, at one point, my blood boiled anytime I was asked about the status of our photos!"

After months of waiting, the Zarings finally received their portraits, which turned out to be absolute masterpieces. Each person was airbrushed to such a great extent that everyone’s facial features was caked in an off-white color and completely unrecognizable. We can only imagine what the photographer was thinking: Wow, I’m really nailing this flawless-skin thing.

Photograph by Facebook

Pam posted the final portraits on Facebook, where they have received more than 400,000 shares since Friday.

“This is NOT a joke,” she wrote. “I literally have not laughed this hard in YEARS!”

She said the photographer stood by her work, reasoning that the photos ended up the way they did because “the shadows were really bad” and that “her professors never taught her to retouch photos.”

Photograph by Facebook

Pam recently added in the comments that the family did not edit the photos in any way, shape or form. She initially shared the photos privately on Facebook to friends and family but was encouraged to make it public so others could find some humor as well.

“From the very beginning, this post has been about the silliest experience our little family has ever had. The focus will remain there. Please know that we are thinking of the photographer and hope she is well during this chaotic time. We also ask that people continue to be kind and to remember that attacking anyone, whether it is our family or anyone else, is wrong. Being a light in the darkness is what our family always strives to be,” Pam wrote.

The Zarings ended up striking comedic gold, albeit for $250. We can only hope the photographer is having a good laugh, too—and maybe, just maybe, considering a new profession.

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