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Mom Sues Daughter for Stealing $1 Million Lottery Winnings

In an interview with the New York Post, 51-year-old Barbara Quiles claims that her daughter stole her winning $1 million lottery ticket and left town with the money. Quiles is now suing her 22-year-old daughter Linza Ford for not complying with their agreement after Quiles asked Ford to claim the winnings since she was too sick battling lupus to do so herself.

Ford has a completely different story to tell. She claims her mom is mentally ill and has been draining her winnings which is why she cut her off from the bank account they shared.

The issue, which is now being brought before Brooklyn Supreme Court, pits mother against daughter, with both hoping to win the settlement that stemmed from purchasing a $5 scratch-off ticket in 2012. After taxes, the amount payable works out to $31,152 per year for 20 years​​.

"I'm the one who went out to buy the ticket with my money,'' Quiles said. "I have a lot of witnesses.''

"It was my ticket, signed by me," Ford counters. "I went to the office in the Bronx. She even went with me to claim the ticket."

Quiles has claims that she authorized her daughter to claim the money and put it into an account for them to have access to. Her daughter claims that the money was in her personal account and her mother had access to it until April 2014 when she cut off access because of her mother's psychological problems. It was then that Ford decided to leave the residence that the two of them shared.

"Why I left had nothing to do with the ticket," Ford said. "It had to do with her mental illness. If they knew her history, they wouldn't believe what she was saying about me."

Ford was married this past weekend, in a quaint backyard wedding which Quiles did not attend.

"My daughter got married on Saturday, and I wasn't even invited," she said.

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