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New CBS Show Features Families in Poverty Competing for Money

CBS recently debuted its new reality show, "The Briefcase," but it is certainly nothing like "The Apprentice." Instead of competing for a cushy job alongside a multimillionaire, this controversial reality series poses an ethical dilemma to families in poverty by offering them $101,000 to spend as they please or share it with another impoverished family.

These families, who are shown enduring the struggles they face as a result of financial hardships, are then given information about another family so they can compare which family needs the money more. This ethical dilemma becomes the crux of the show as the families rifle through each other's homes and belongings to get clues about how the other family lives, all so that they can make their decision to share the money, keep it all to themselves or give all of it to the other family.

"The Briefcase" is not the only reality-based show being referred to as "poverty porn." The BBC is also airing a reality show that many are angrily comparing to "The Hunger Games."

Britain's "Hardest Grafter" pits underemployed, unemployed and minimum-wage workers against each other. The least effective workers are eliminated each week and the hardest workers are rewarded.

Both the BBC and the film company producing it are calling the show a social experiment, while viewers are not taking it so lightly, going so far as to file a Change.org petition to have the show taken off the air.

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