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A 49-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Goes Missing on the Day of Her Delivery

Lauren Lusk can not explain what happened around 5 a.m. last Tuesday. She was helping her 49-year-old pregnant mother Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther prepare for a scheduled caesarean delivery when she stepped out to fill the car with gas. According to the New York Daily News, when she returned, her mother was missing.

The 26-year-old told NBC News she returned to her mother's home in Salisbury, North Carolina, to find the lights off and the door unlocked. Her mother was nowhere to be found. After contacting the hospital where she was scheduled to deliver and other nearby hospitals, there were still no clues.

Lusk reports that when she left to make the trip to the gas station her mother was still wearing pajamas and her hair was not done. Her makeup and purse were still in the house, but her wallet and cellphone were gone. Bradshaw-Crowther's car was also missing.

Police report that one phone call was made from Bradshaw-Crowther's cell phone 20 minutes after she was reported missing. The call was made 6 blocks away from her home. Later that evening, she was seen at a gas station in Statesville, nearly 25 miles outside of her hometown where she checked into a motel and spent the night.

The father of her baby claims he has not heard from Bradshaw-Crowther since before she went missing.

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