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Kid Caught Behind the Wheel


A YouTube video that's gone viral has scary footage of a child behind the wheel during rush hour while an adult sits in the passenger seat laughing. Even worse? There are two more kids in the back seat.

A man in the car a couple lanes over catches the footage and chastises the man allowing the child to drive the SUV through the crowded streets of Phoenix.

As the blue automobile pulls up, the witness says, "There's a kid driving that car, right there." Then he says, "Dude, you're going to get someone f***ing killed, man."

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The adult in the other car says everyone is safe because he has his hand on the emergency brake. But the witness doesn't buy it, adding, "It's not safe, man, come on. Dude, it's rush hour—there's a lot of cars."

The man in the blue car is a dolt. He's not just putting the lives in his SUV at risk, but those on the road, too. Not to mention—it doesn't look like the child driver is wearing a seatbelt.

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Image via YouTube/harmless bunny

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