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Sign up Launches Wallet-Friendly Summer Camp

Photograph by Twenty20

Parents, if you haven't already, it's time to confront what happens after the last day of school.

While families all over the country search for summer camps, which can run both expensive and extreme, moms and dads also have the option of pointing and clicking for an online version of the annual summer tradition. recently announced its own DIY Summer Camp, which offers 10 weeks of themed activities that take place both online and off. While many of the resources are free, a full account runs just under $6 per month.

With themes such as "Weather Wonderful," "Animal Adventures" and "Summertime Science," DIY Summer Camp offers elementary school children resources on math, reading and science. Activities include making wind chimes and summer snow globes, and crafting animals out of clothespins.

Granted, parents who stay at or work from home might find more opportunities to delve into all of the activities with their kids than many working parents. That said, the activities are there for the taking, to be used whenever is convenient for families., an online destination for educational materials, was founded in 2007 by a group of parents.

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