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Kids Exposed to Pot Way Too Soon

Now that marijuana is finding itself sneaking into the mainstream of American culture, the inevitable is happening: Kids are being exposed to the drug. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are puffing up, but it does imply that youngsters are seeing more of it around the places they live.

A nation study in the Journal of Clinical Pediatrics has doctors warning about the increasing threat of marijuana for children, whose direct exposure to the drug has skyrocketed 147 percent in kids 5 years and younger. The study also found that states which have legalized marijuana, the young pot exposure rate grew 610 percent. More than 75 percent of the children who were exposed were younger than three years old, and most had swallowed the marijuana.

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The staggering increase in exposure to child brings to light the need for child protection laws related to the legalization of marijuana.

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