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Albuquerque Police Officer Saves Baby's Life

An Albuquerque police officer is making headlines with a simple act of heroism. Officer Martin Smith responded to the scene when a call came in that a 7-month-old baby was unconscious.

The girl's family can be heard crying on the video of Officer Smith's arrival at their home. They were distressed and worried for the baby's safety. When Smith realized that the baby was unconscious, he began to give her CPR and rub her sternum to revive her.

His efforts were successful. The baby began to wiggle her fingers, open her eyes and breathe on her own. Smith continued to rub her chest until she was fully awake again. He said that his actions were second nature once he arrived on the scene.

"Anyone who's had that training would go into autopilot and start responding," Smith told ABC affiliate KOAT-TV.

"The officer continued to help the family remain calm while holding and talking to the baby until paramedics arrived," the Albuquerque Police Department wrote on their Facebook page. The post also stated that the baby had been taken to the hospital and was doing fine after all the commotion.

Officer Smith was simply doing his job when he responded to the call, but this is sure to be a lasting memory for everyone involved.

"That's what makes doing this job good," Smith said. "That's the good part of it."

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