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Mom Blasts Amazon for Tiny Crop Top

A Texas mom named Christy has something to say about the mini crop top her daughter purchased from Amazon. She also has something to show for the tiny piece of clothing—it fits her cat!

As reported in Daily Mail, the garment was sold as "one-size fits all" but when it came in the mail, the $3.30 purchase was much, much smaller than expected.

She gave the Crop Top one out of five stars. Here's Christy's hilarious review on Amazon:

"Well, it fits the cat. My 16-year-old daughter bought this thing. It is ridiculously small and I probably couldn't legally post a picture of what it looks like if she attempts to wear it. But so you can see, here is a picture of our cat wearing it. To be fair, it does cover all of the cat's nipples, however, she hates the weave. In summary, do not buy this, even for your cat."

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Other shoppers also complained about the itty-bitty top's super-small size, but none provided such an amusing photo with their review. It's hard to beat a cat in a crop top.

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Images via Daily Mail

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