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Ear Piercing in Kids Causing Controversy

A British mom has started a petition to make it illegal for babies and toddlers to get their ears pierced in the United Kingdom, saying there should be an age requirement for the practice. The petition is seeking 40,000 signatures, and already has more than 35,000.

The petition reads: "It is a form of child cruelty. Severe pain and fear is inflicted upon infants unnecessarily. It serves no purpose other than to satisfy the parent's vanity. Other forms of physically harming children are illegal—this should be no different."

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The campaign was started by Susan Ingram, and she gotten some strong support from signers.

One woman under the user name Claire M. wrote, "Smacking a child is abuse, so how come sticking metal rods through their ears is not abuse??!!"

Another user named Catherine H. commented, "Stop parents inflicting unnecessary pain on a child. Claire Accessories are one of the worst offenders for piercing babies' and toddlers' ears. Make it illegal, please."

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But not everyone is hopping onboard this popular petition. A woman called Dana C. wrote a lengthy response to the petition:

"As someone who had their ears pierced as a baby (a month old), I find this campaign absolutely and utterly pointless. I am pleased that my parents got it done for me when I was a child and I have no regrets that they did.

"I suppose a lot of parents also don't like the idea of piercings, which is perhaps why they supported this campaign—that's fine, apply it to your own children, but the fact remains that it isn't a serious issue. And it's also not solely for cosmetic purposes—it can be a cultural tradition, too, as was the reason for me getting them."

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