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Teen Walks Miles With Brother Strapped to Back

"People have said that I'm an inspiration to them, but he's an inspiration to me."

That's what Hunter Gandee had to say about his younger brother, Brandon, who has cerebral palsy. To bring awareness to the condition, he recently finished a 57-mile trek with his sibling strapped to his back in a harness.

The journey started from Lambertville in southeastern Michigan's Monroe County to the University of Michigan's Pediatric Rehabilitation Center in Ann Arbor. This walk beat the 40 miles that Hunter completed with his brother on his back last year, the first time he attempted such a feat.

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This time around, Hunter told the Associated Press that he was "pretty sore" near the finish but "got a burst of energy at the end." He said the effort received great support throughout the weekend, with a group of supporters waiting for them at the end.

"It went great—we walked into a big crowd of people," Hunter said. "It was great to have everyone there. ... [Braden] was excited—not only that we were done, finally, but everyone was there cheering him on."

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Image via Facebook/cerebralpalsyswagger

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