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Brazilian Girl Claims to Have Unique Power

"When I touch someone, when I'm praying for someone, I feel something unusual. I feel a supernatural power from God. "

Those are the words of Alani Santos of Brazil. In a New York Times video, the little girl is shown singing and touching a little boy named Marcio, who suffers from diabetes, which is making him go blind. He also is said to have two heart problems and intestinal cancer.

When asked what it was like to have the "Little Missionary" put her hand on his heart, he said, "Something left my body."

The crowd who had gathered to worship with the alleged child healer cheers at the response.

"Marcio," a man asks, "are you cured?"

"I am," he said. And the crowd goes wild.

At a sit-down interview, Alani says "God has given me the gift of curing people. For me, it's normal."

Her mother believes God had a special plan for her when she was in the womb. But Alani's mother claims the girl's powers to heal started even when she was a baby.

At one gathering, a reveler claims she went to three different doctors who all said she needed a pacemaker. But after Alani prayed for her, the woman she said she is cured and no longer needs the medical device.

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There are of course naysayers, but Alani brushes them aside.

"God already knows everything that will happen," Alani said. "God knows what will happen tomorrow. I think that's why he entrusted my hands with this. Because this isn't work. For me, it's a love that I have for people, a way to help people."

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Images via New York Times

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