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Time to Take That International Family Vacation

If you've been itching to get the family overseas, now might be the right time to book that last-minute trip to the destination of your dreams, as the American dollar is matching up well against other currencies.

"The U.S. dollar is strong right now and you don't want to sit on this and wait, because exchange rates can fluctuate," says Jacqui Gifford, senior editor of Travel & Leisure magazine. "If you're looking to take a vacation abroad, now is a great time to do it."

So where to go?

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Gifford recommends Cape Town, South Africa, for those who want to go off the beaten path. A city on the water, Cape Town is known for its shopping, food and wine (a bonus for parents).

For those who want to take advantage of the close rates between the dollar and Euro, Gifford suggests Berlin, Germany, for its culture and modern vibes.

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Want to stick a little closer to home? Gifford says the place to go is Montreal, Canada, with its French influence and charm.

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