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'Jurassic World' Star Chris Pratt Gets Pranked

Our favorite celebrity dad, "Jurassic World" star and funny man Chris Pratt, is making headlines again. This time, however, the joke's on him.

The 35-year-old actor has constantly been on the move recently, promoting his new film, but even busy celebrities have time to get pranked. The former "Parks and Recreation" star is known for his comedic chops and took it in stride when the minds behind the viral video, Spider Dog, decided to make Pratt their next target.

Since Pratt's new movie is all about dinosaurs, SA Wardega created some very convincing dinosaurs to scare him. The Polish pranksters set up multiple cameras, filming the hallway that served as their setting.

Pratt can be seen approaching, and the fake dinosaurs lurked around the corner. Pratt, understandably, freaks out when he sees them, exclaiming, "Oh s***! You motherf***ers … Oh great, you have cameras."

Pratt was very good-natured about the prank and was excited to learn that these were the same people who created the scary "spider dog."

"You got me, man. That was good," Pratt told them. "You did a good job, you guys."

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