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Woman 6 Months Pregnant with Twins Does What?!

Fitness model Sophie Guidolin has made a career of working out hard, and what's a little thing like pregnancy—with twins, no less—to stop her? The mother of two (not including the twins in utero) recently posted an Instagram picture of herself lifting 66 pounds and, as expected, the Internet went wild.

Guidolin captioned the controversial pic with an explanation: "A lot of people express concern over women exercising in pregnancy and I 110 percent understand why ... There are so many myths, old wives' tales and opinions out there, it is hard to understand what is the truth and what is made up. In my opinion, listen to no [one] except your qualified and trusted medical staff."

While she expected people to have opinions, the expecting mom-to-be didn't quite expect the level of passion her pic would incite in some people. She posted another snap of her at the gym the next day with the caption "Whoa … My weight training photo yesterday sparked some debate! ... I was not expecting that; however, if that photo is what it takes to get people talking about exercise during pregnancy and the benefits then I am happy to spark up the topic."

Image via Instagram

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