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In Teething Hell? This Mom's Pacifier Hack Is a Lifesaver

Photograph by Emelia Jackson

For many parents, teething is one of the most miserable—and seemingly endless—baby stages. Somehow, overnight, your calm angel can turn into a drooling, sleepless terror who may or may not have a fever. If you've tried everything from sliced orange peels to rubbing Baby's achy gums, yet you're still in teething hell, listen up. One mom recently shared her personal hack that worked wonders for her son—and it's genius! It might be the answer you've been looking for.

To keep herself sane with her teething 3-month-old son, Emelia Jackson decided to fill the back of her Philips Avent Soothie pacifier with water and freeze it for a few hours. The cold binky helped comfort the baby's gums, which can get sore and swollen before a tooth breaks through.

Photograph by Emelia Jackson

Jackson told Mom.me that she has tried several teething remedies before, including the mesh binky and teething necklaces, but they didn't work out.

"He didn’t understand the concept of (mesh binkies) since he is so young. And the teething necklaces only worked for about half a second," Jackson said. "That's why I had to come up with a teething hack. If he was older and teething, I would have just bought a regular teething gadget, but he doesn’t have the fine motor skills to use them yet."

Photograph by Emelia Jackson

After others chimed in with fears about choking hazards or how it's unsafe to give water to young babies, the mom noted in her viral Facebook post, "Since there are so many people freaking out thinking my little man is drinking the water, I want to show you that there is NO hole in this binky. And absolutely NO way for the baby to get the water."

That said, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on teething babies when they're using soothing gear, whether it's with a home-hacked icy pacifier or a store-bought teething ring.

If Jackson's hack still isn't doing the trick (don't worry, babies are all different!), mom Tasia Blackwell shared her "milksicle" trick last year that worked wonders for many parents. Not only do the breast milk ice pops soothe Baby's gums, but you've also just covered a meal!

And if that doesn't work, you can always try some frozen washcloths. Wet half of a washcloth and freeze it for at least 30 minutes. Baby can then crunch on the frozen part and hold onto the dry part like a lovey.

"Everyone swears by their remedies. Whatever works is great. Take a deep breath and it will pass. A tincture of time is the best medicine," said Dr. Lee Weinstein, a pediatric dentist from Arizona.

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