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General Mills Eliminates Artificial Ingredients From Cereals

Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

General Mills is going green, literally. The company announced its intention to eliminate artificial flavors and colors from its entire line of cereals.

General Mills is the first major cereal company to commit to this change. The artificial ingredients will be replaced with fruits, vegetables and natural spices to recreate the signature color of such cereals like Trix and Lucky Charms.

"We wanted to make sure they were still fun, vibrant colors that we are providing and the fruity flavor that kids expect," Kate Gallager, General Mills cereal developer, told "Good Morning America."

The company has been experimenting with new ways to create their cereals, using hundreds of natural ingredients. Tomatoes, purple carrots, strawberries and radishes are all new additions to the classic cereal recipes.

Sixty percent of its cereals, like Cheerios, are already free of artificial colors and flavors. By the end of 2016, General Mills hopes to have that number up to 90 percent.

One of the company's biggest hurdles will be Lucky Charms. Finding a healthier replacement for marshmallows is likely to be a challenge for the company, but representatives say they are determined to make the change to natural ingredients.

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