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Baseball Fan Catches Ball While Feeding Baby

After receiving a standing ovation for his incredible bare-handed catch while feeding his 7-month-old son, Chicago Cubs fan Keith Hartley said he was just doing his job.

"Baseball is not a new thing to me. I didn't want it to hit the ledge and hit him, so I wanted to make first contact, I think," Hartley said.

The ball sailed into Hartley's area by the first-base line with two outs down in the second inning during a game at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez was in position to grab the ball and hand the Cubs their third out to end the inning, but Hartley snatched it just before Gonzalez made contact.

Wife and mom Kari admitted that the play made her uneasy. "I was a little bit nervous, a little bit scared he was going to drop the baby. Fortunately, he held on tight to both the ball and Isaac, so we were OK."

Ironically, Hartley wasn't even in his seat when he caught the ball. He'd actually traded seats with two friends to move farther away from possible foul ball territory in order to protect Isaac — at only his second baseball game — from line drives. With his friends out of their seats, though, Harley had to step up to the parenting plate. "It turned out those guys weren't here and it was my duty to catch the ball," he said. Well done, Dad.

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