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Woman Charged With Holding Surrogate Captive

A 26-year-old Mexican woman came to the United States after being told she would become a surrogate mother, but the promise turned into a nightmare as she was forced into a lifestyle of non-medical inseminations, physical abuse and forced sex over the course of two years.

Esthela M. Clark, 46, of Jacksonville, Fla., is due in court today to face 12 counts related to alien smuggling, labor trafficking and sex trafficking offenses, according to USA Today.

An introduction by a mutual friend led to Clark arranging for the victim to be smuggled from Coahuila, Mexico, into San Antonio, Texas. She was later transported in December 2012 to Jacksonville, where she moved in with Clark in a one-bedroom apartment, according to court documents.

Also living at the residence was Clark's boyfriend and son. The court document alleges that the couple slept in the bedroom while the child slept on the couch and the victim slept on the dining room floor.

It was there on the same dining room floor that the victim was forced to lay on her back while Clark's boyfriend's semen was injected inside her with a household syringe. She was unable to conceive through this method.

The court documents indicate the victim was not allowed to work outside of the home. Inside the home, she was the couple's maid, often being punished and physically beaten for not performing according to expectations. When the family relocated to Missouri, the victim was forced to have sex with strangers to produce a child.

When she called home, her family indicated that she often seemed to be crying and that her conversations seemed to be coached.

Tony Gilmore, who lived nearby, spoke with USA TODAY. "The 26-year-old woman used to be outside all the time, washing the car," he said. "I never [knew] that she was in any kind of trouble. Never knew because she never gave off any kind of aura that she was in any trouble."

Iomara Miranda, a stranger, who noticed the victim's behavior and signs of physical abuse, contacted the Jacksonville sheriff's office, and the victim was removed from the home.

Image via Facebook/FCNews

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