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Next Big Thing: Uber For Kids?

It's hard to hover like a good helicopter mom and also have time to pursue a career and get your hair done. Enter Uber, the San Francisco company that connects drivers of luxury cars with passengers who don't feel like getting a cab. Moms all over New York—and other big cities—are using the service to shuttle over-scheduled kids from school to fencing class, according to a New York Times story on the trend.

What was once only available to the super wealthy, Uber is an accessible mode of transport not unlike a personal car service. Tweens have the apps on their phones, moms track the tweens' movements on their phones, everyone gets to where they need to be and kids don't have to figure out how to live in their world.

One mom told reporter Bee Shapiro that Uber service has helped her manage her son, Guy Parkin, who's at a difficult age. "There's a lot of 'I want to go here and I want to go there,'" she explains. Sure, he travels to Brooklyn on the subway, but he's lost a gazillion Metrocards, his mom elaborated.

Thankfully, the Uber app connected to Guy's mother's credit card can spare him any real consequences of bad decisions. Guy will also never have to figure out how to get home by his own wits. If she gave Guy cash for cabs, she's afraid he'd lose it, or worse, spend it on something else. "The only way I know he took a cab is if he gives me a receipt. Try to get a 13-year-old to give you a receipt."

Accountability in tweens and teens is totally overrated.

But who can fault the parents for wanting to outsource all of the hauling-around modern moms and dads are expected to do for their kids? Since we're loathe to let them just hang out and not be academically enriched, Uber takes the burden off.

Photo via Instagram/Uber

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