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Miami Police Enforce Strict Curfews for Minors

This week Miami police will begin a strict enforcement of a Juvenile Curfew Ordinance which will make it illegal for minors to be outside from 11 p.m. through 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and midnight to 6 a.m. on weekends.

Anyone breaking curfew will be stopped and asked for personal identification. If violated, minors can be issued a citation, escorted home or taken to a holding facility. Parents of repeat offenders can be fined $500.

According to police the curfew is intended to keep minors safe. They hope to encourage minors to stop loitering and engaging in potentially criminal behavior.

"It's a good idea. They'll probably still try and sneak out, but it's a good idea for stopping crime and all that," Tiffany Fair told WPLGLocal10. Her son, 10-year-old Jamari Tillman, was shot in the leg in while riding his bike in Liberty City on June 4. Police have yet to identify the shooters or figure out who was the intended target.

Tillman was not the only child struck by a stray bullet in Miami this year. In March, a 10-year old boy in Overtown was shot in the head and rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital, and a little girl was grazed by a bullet. On that same evening, two 16-year-olds were shot at NW 20th Avenue and 18th Terrace. One of the teens died and the other was hospitalized.

On May 19, Joewuan Coles, a 15-year-old freshman at Miami Northwestern High School was killed during a shoot out in an apartment complex in northwest Miami-Dade county.

"Our goal is to make sure our kids have a safe summer," said Miami PD spokeswoman Frederica Burden.

Minors are permitted to break curfew under certain circumstances. Minors traveling home from work without stopping on the way back to their place of residence, traveling to another state, running an errand with a written note from a parent, attending an official school or religious event, standing on the sidewalk of their own residence, or returning from an event that began before 10 p.m. are all legal exemptions. For a complete list of exemptions, please visit the Miami police website.

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