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Which State Ruled That Spanking Is OK?

Not sure whether or not to spank your child? Are you going too far if you do? Could it even get you arrested? Well, not in Massachusetts.

The state's high court has reversed a trial judge's ruling that you can't spank your kid, at least in public, to declare that you can indeed spank your child, as reported in the Washington Post.

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The ruling came down in the case of Commonwealth v. Dorvil, and the high court concluded unanimously that there is a common-law right to spank with the following statement:

[A] parent or guardian may not be subjected to criminal liability for the use of force against a minor child under the care and supervision of the parent or guardian, provided that (1) the force used against the minor child is reasonable; (2) the force is reasonably related to the purpose of safeguarding or promoting the welfare of the minor, including the prevention or punishment of the minor's misconduct; and (3) the force used neither causes, nor creates a substantial risk of causing, physical harm (beyond fleeting pain or minor, transient marks), gross degradation or severe mental distress ….

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The court, however, had no occasion to decide whether it is a constitutional right for a parent to spank his or her child.

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