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Jim Carrey Targets California's Strict Vaccination Law

Photograph by Rex / Rex USA

Comedian Jim Carrey called California Gov. Jerry Brown a "corporate fascist" in a tweet this week for signing a law requiring all children attending the state's public schools to be vaccinated, as reported by Politico.

As noted above in his tweet, Carrey is against some of the ingredients in vaccines, such as mercury. He goes on to argue that if we don't want to eat those substances, we shouldn't be putting them in our children.

Yet Carrey doesn't understand the difference between ethylmercury and methylmercury, according to Slate. Methylmercury (with an M) is a form of mercury that is bioaccumulative, meaning it builds up in the body over time. People get it in their systems in a number of ways, including by eating some fish.

But then Slate explains, "Ethylmercury (with an E) does not bioaccumulate, and breaks down after a couple of weeks, and your body eliminates it. Thimerosal, which used to be used in many vaccines, breaks down into ethylmercury. This process is quite safe, but after a public outcry spurred by misinformation and confusion on these two forms of mercury, thimerosal was discontinued in most vaccines."

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Now, thimerosal is used in very small doses only in some flu vaccines. Either way, there is no proof that thimerosal has any relation to the onset of conditions like autism.

Doctors still agree that vaccines pose no danger to children, and that they are in fact life-saving, preventative means of care. However, Carrey did backtrack a little when he claimed that he isn't against vaccines, just some of the ingredients he thinks are in them.

It seems that Carrey needs to do a little more fact-checking before he goes on such a rant, especially if he is claiming that he isn't against vaccinating children.

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