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Man Accidentally Raises Bears as Puppies

Don't you just hate it when your dog turns out to be a bear?

Wang Kayui, a man living in the village of Yunnan in China, was shocked when he discovered that his two puppies were not puppies at all. They were bears.

Wang bought the cubs two years ago from a Vietnamese man and has been raising his supposed puppies ever since. The proud owner didn't find anything alarming about his pets until recently. They were very well behaved, and both had healthy appetites.

However, those appetites soon led to the killing and eating of Wang's pet chickens. Each "puppy" weighed 100 pounds, and as they grew, they looked less and less like dogs.

Image via Daily Mail

Wang still had no idea that his pet puppies were in fact bear cubs until he read a leaflet about endangered wild animals from the local Public Security Bureau. To his amazement, Wang realized that he had been illegally raising Category 2 protected endangered animals for the past two years.

The police were contacted after Wang discussed the situation with his family. The local Forest Public Security Bureau has since been to Wang's home to remove the two cubs, which have been identified as Asian black bears, one male and one female.

The cubs were taken to the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Centre. They are reported to be in good health, and the centre is now working on finding suitable placements for the siblings.

Image via Daily Mail

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