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Family Does Bucket List With Dying Dog

Some of the most overlooked pets are often senior animals with little time left to live. But one Georgia family is determined to make the final days of Chester the rescue pup as awesome as possible with a bucket list for the dog.

Nicole Elliott told BuzzFeed News that she saw a post on Facebook from a local animal shelter featuring Chester, and wanted to help the pooch have some happy times at the end of his life. The title of the post was "hospice needed," because Chester is dying of cancer. The dog was saved from a kill shelter in April by Animal Ark Rescue, and was in poor shape with long, dirty fur and crusty eyes.

The post from Animal Ark Rescue read, "Chester already had surgery to remove a large tumor, however, the [mast] cell tumors are coming back and surgery is no longer a option. Chester is the sweetest little guy and we are looking for that special someone that would let him live out his life in the comfort of a home."

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Elliott said that she was charmed by the "handsome" Chester and decided she wanted to "try to make his remaining days full of love and fun," she told BuzzFeed News.

Since his days are short, Elliott made Chester a bucket list so that he can have as much fun as possible. He took a trip to the store for a shopping spree of tasty foods and treats, and also got a good grooming. Since then, he's had ice cream, trips to the beach and lots of love from a supportive family. He's even made pals with a dog and two cats!

Chester's journey has gone viral, and you can follow it on his Facebook page, which already has more than 30,000 followers.

"I was so nervous, but happy to help spread awareness about dogs like Chester," Elliott told BuzzFeed News. "I hope through all of this attention that it shines a positive light on shelter animals with terminal illnesses or [who are] up in age."

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Images via Facebook/ChestertheDog

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