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The New, Skinnier Oreo Cookie

Oreo just announced a new, skinnier version of its infamous cookie: Oreo Thins. Drifting away from the snack's original stature, Oreo owner Mondelez International claims that Oreo Thins are meant to be a "sophisticated" snack version for adults. Does this mean thin equals sophisticated?

While the cookies look and taste the same, they will be much slimmer and have fewer calories. Don't be fooled by the thinner, less-caloric adult snack though. An Oreo spokesperson was quick to state that Oreo Thins are not a "diet" option—rather, they are just marketed as a more "grown-up treat."

Here's the breakdown: The original cookie was 12.5-mm thick, the thinner cookie will be 7.5mm thick. Oreo promises that the cookie-to-filling ratio will remain the same despite being significantly thinner.

Adults have enjoyed doling out and eating the regular fatty version of Oreo for ages—do we need a "sophisticated" option? Somewhere, in a marketing meeting, someone determined that 5 millimeters is the difference between a sophisticated and an unsophisticated Oreo. Remember that the next time you go to purchase your plastic-wrapped stack of cookies that leave black crumbs in your teeth every time you chew, thinner or not.

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