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#DontJudgeChallenge Proves Teens Are Awesome

Teens posting really ugly pictures of each other on Instagram isn't the latest round of merciless bullying. In fact, it's the opposite. They wanted to make a point to body-shaming trolls that they don't actually care what you think of them or anyone else.

There's no room in their world for judgment. But there is room for some ugly fun.

The teens started posting hideous pictures of themselves with the tag #dontjudgechallenge on Instagram. Others followed with their own heavy-eyebrow, weird-glasses, bad-teeth and stupid-hairstyles images. The results are pretty funny.

Not so fast, say the challenge's detractors. The "funny" images actually reinforce the beauty standards the body-shamed people Instagrammers are trying to defend. Maybe laughing at heavy eyebrows, acne and broken or missing teeth isn't the best way to end judgment of others. Especially when the "before" pictures to these "#dontjudgechallenge" "afters" are of really, quite typically beautiful young teens.

Ten points for good intentions. Maybe just a couple of points taken off for execution.

Image via Instagram

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