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Christie Rampone Says What's Next After World Cup Win

Christie Rampone has already had a busy summer, and July has barely gotten started.

The U.S. women's national soccer team captain just celebrated her second Women's World Cup win last weekend, with the U.S. beating Japan in the final game, and the mom of two also turned 40 in June.

How does it feel?

"Amazing. It feels so good, all that work," Rampone tells mom.me.

The soccer star, who also earned the trophy in 1999 alongside Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain, is now looking ahead to what's next. Not only does she reveal those plans to mom.me, Rampone also talks to us about what moms can do to stay in shape and how quiet girls can be leaders too, along with sharing her best mom advice. Three words: Don't overdo it.

How does this World Cup win feel in comparison with the 1999 win?

They're both amazing, and obviously '99, winning on home soil [was great], but this game was pretty special. The pressure, [and] being the lone '99er left, it was pretty amazing to accomplish this with this team. For me, having bookends—starting my career with a win and finishing it with a win—it's just unbelievable, and I couldn't be happier and prouder of this team.

So what's next for you?

I'm still considering the Olympics, but for now I'm enjoying this victory and trying to give back to the youth. Obviously having two daughters that play the sport (9-year-old Riley and 5-year-old Reece), and how excited they are, I want to see it on a whole different level, and I know how awesome it is to go and be around kids and share my experiences and try and get them to love the game of soccer.

Tell me about your partnership with Jif and the 2015 Kick It Tour.

So excited to be a partner with Jif. For me, that's where my next career will be—involved in coaching—and I'm just so excited to be going to the Kick It Tour for their 3v3 tournament and to help raise $25,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs.

I have so much education and background with the game, and I'm excited because it's my start. I'm so excited to be with Jif, and [it's] the start to hopefully a lot more youth coaching and development and giving back.

I'm a quiet, more introverted person, and people start noticing that there are different ways to lead, and that's what I tell all kids.

Do your daughters recognize what a big deal it is, everything that you've accomplished as a pro player?

I'll never forget when my little one, Reece, when she came on the field and she was like, "I understand, Mommy! You won the cup finally. You won the cup." It was so cute.

I told them, "Remember, don't say who I am when we go out. I want to watch you." When [Riley] gets cute, she's like, "Mom! Christie Rampone!" I'm like, "Riley, I'm Mom." She gets so emotional and so excited, and I'm like, "I'm here for you. I want to watch your game." It doesn't get any better than that—to be able to celebrate with your kids on the field and watch their joy and happiness along with my teammates. It's like a wow moment.

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What do you want little girls to take away from this win?

Just that girls can play soccer and just how much fun the game is. Hopefully everybody took away that there were 23 amazing players on the team and everybody plays different roles, and how wonderful being on a team is and how that support can have an effect on you.

I just hope little girls and boys are kicking the soccer ball around this summer and just embracing it. There are so many different personalities on the team, which I love. There's a player out there for every kid to want to be like.

You've described yourself as more of a listener and observer instead of someone who's a loud personality, and you are a captain of the team. How do you let quieter girls know that they can be leaders too?

If you'd asked me years ago, I never thought I would have been a captain on a team, much less captain of the U.S. women's national team. I'm a quiet, more introverted person, and people start noticing that there are different ways to lead, and that's what I tell all kids. You have your loud one; you have your quiet one.

I just lead by my actions and my choices, and I don't talk as often as probably most captains or most leaders do, but when I talk people listen. I feel like the more you talk, the less you hear, so I make sure I speak when needed. And [to be] encouraging behind the scenes. It's more of being friends with everybody, not getting into any cliques on the team, making sure everybody's confident.

So I tell all the quiet ones out there: "You, too, can bring something to the game." And you may not realize it, but other people do.

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What's the best mom advice you've given or received?

Being a mom, for the most part, you have to go with the flow. And don't sweat the small stuff. My favorite line is: "You make do and just don't overdo it." Don't be too hard on yourself. I say to moms, "Don't put so much pressure on yourself to get everything done."

What is your workout recommendation for moms who want to stay in shape but aren't compelled by their job?

When I come home from the road, my workouts are 30, 40 minutes tops a day. Whether it's running or going to the gym. What I do is a kind of cross-training where I lift light weights and I just do a lot of reps, more interval style. So if I pick an exercise, I'll do it for 30 seconds to a minute, as fast as I can go, and I'll pick six. I just kind of trick the body, because you don't want to do the same thing every day.

Even in your house, you can do squats, pushups, lunges, jumping jacks, jump rope. Run another day, but just don't do the same workout every day. I think a lot of moms just go, "OK, I have 20 minutes, and I'm going to go on a run or a walk, but if you walk, you've got to pick up your pace. With running, don't run at the same pace, so that you get more success in a little bit of time.

Congrats on turning 40! What's your favorite thing about the new milestone?

Winning the World Cup and being a mother! Forty never looked so good. If this is the start, I can't imagine what the rest of it's going to be like.

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