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Kid-Centric Smart Home Is On It's Way

Sensors, monitors and services that benefit children and their parents are the latest focus of Fuhu, a manufacturer known for its affordable children's tablets, as reported by Wired.

So what would these devices look like? They could be an air quality sensor, a button that keeps track of nursing times and duration, or a baby wearable that notes sleeping patterns, oxygen levels and heart rates. Using the Internet of Things, or IoT, Fuhu is seeking to expand the way we use Internet in our homes, employing it as a way to watch over our children and to offer parents some peace of mind.

"We've always been in the business of experiences and solutions," Fuhu co-founder and President Robb Fujioka told Wired. "IoT for me is kind of a natural next step. First, I've never really looked at us as a tablet company as much as a trusted brand for parents and children. And second, the IoT space is a really fragmented space in terms of total solutions."

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Fuhu is planning to start with four sensor-enabled objects available in stores this holiday season, and then hopes to expand its wares into age-appropriate bundles. For example, the "Peace of Mind" bundle might include a connected baby monitor, bottle, room monitor, night-light and scale, while a "3-5 Year Old Bundle" would focus more on wearables and communication tools.

Fujioka won't name a price point for his products just yet, but he is confident that his goods will be a relative bargain.

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"The fundamental challenge for IoT guys is that many of them are approaching the business from a Kickstarter standpoint … the cost, quality, all of those things suffer when you're going at it from a low-volume perspective."

Considering that Fuhu sells $100 tablets aimed at children, there is hope that the new offerings from the company won't be too pricey.

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