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Could You Sit in a 100-Degree Car?

How do you think you would fare sitting inside a 100-degree car? That's exactly the challenge the nonprofit organization Kids 4 Kars posed to grown-ups in an eye-opening effort to show the danger to kids if left in a hot vehicle. If the adult could last just 10 minutes during the Hot Car challenge, they'd get $100. Want to know how many made it to the 10-minute mark?

Not a single one.

Initially, most of the adults appear to be doing OK. But once the heat sets in, the anxiety clearly rises as they start shifting their clothes, fanning themselves and desperately attempting to catch their breath. Once each adult had hit their limit, there was a red button they could press to be released from the car.

After their experience, one adult grimly states, "That was one of the worst things I've gone through in my life."

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The social experiment appears to have succeeded at its goal of raising awareness. When asked to imagine what a child would feel like trapped in a hot car, one participant responds, "I could press the button. They couldn't press the button. They'd just be sitting there, desperate."

According to the organization, 618 children have died from being left along in a hot car since 1998. With that startling statistic in mind, the Hot Car challenge is just another reminder to always be mindful of where our children are before exiting our vehicles.

Image via YouTube/Kars 4 Kids

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