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Rescue Dog Watches Over Ducklings

Interspecies friendships are always adorable to see, but this one might take the cake. A rescue dog named Dug has named himself protector of more than 200 ducklings.

Matt McDougall, Dug's owner, raises hundreds of ducks on his farm in Canada every year. After McDougall adopted Dug last year, the canine has been helping his owner.

"This is like Walt Disney stuff," McDougall told Inside Edition.

The self-appointed guardian watches over them all and protects them as they grow from ducklings into ducks.

McDougall is able to pay for the care of so many ducks with donations from fans in more than 184 countries. He uses his YouTube channel to share videos of life on his farm, featuring Dug and of course, the many ducks to be found on the property.

This year, McDougall plans to donate the meat to local food banks.

Image via YouTube

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