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Woman Gives Birth to 10-Pound Baby While Husband Drives

There's natural birth, then there's NATURAL BIRTH. In what will surely be the most astounding thing you'll see today, Texan mom of two Lesia Pettijohn delivers her own baby while sitting in a minivan while her husband continues to drive. And it's not just any baby, it's a 10-pound baby. Yes, 10 pounds!

While only 15 minutes way from the birth center, Lesia (understandably) starts freaking out after her water breaks and a mere few minutes later starts screaming that the baby is coming. Her husband Jonathan calmly asks, "Do you need to take your pants down?" And as his wife starts screaming that "it's coming out," he simply reaches over to unbuckle her seat belt and help her pull down her pants. Talk about cool as a cucumber!

After Lesia pulls out the baby—it's a boy!—Jonathan says what has got to be our new favorite delivery line ever: "We did it! High-five, babe!" We think she deserves a little more than a high five, don't you?

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You may also have been wondering why her husband didn't just pull over when the birthing first began. Jonathan tells Houston TV station KHOU, "The only reason I would pull over is if there is something wrong that needed to be dealt with immediately." Clearly a baby being born was not quite urgent enough for these veteran parents.

And in the funniest line of the four-minute video, Jonathan wonders if they'll still have to pay for the birthing center, since, you know, they delivered their own baby. (Turns out, they did!)

And of course the now dad of three filmed the whole thing with a GoPro he was wearing. Watch the incredible birth for yourself! (WARNING: While it's not graphic, it IS a live birth!)

And if you have more burning questions after watching this jaw-dropping footage, lucky you, because mom.me scored an interview with Lesia herself!

Image via YouTube

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